Peptan media

Client: Peptan

Case: Product-market brochures

Peptan is a rising star in the global nutraceuticals market. Their product: collagen peptides. In Asia, these are a household name, and in Europe, people are eager to tap into science-based health solutions but are not yet as familiar with this particular product.

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Client: Copywriter Collective

Case: Vision & Writing

Writing is fun to write about. So when a well-known copywriting blog offered to republish several of my articles, I was grateful for the opportunity to inspire others. And as wiser folk have said: the best way to learn is to teach.

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Case 4

Client: Century Europe

Case: Blog post

Blog posts are an excellent form of content marketing, keeping you in dialogue with your target group and affirming you as an expert in your field. One of the challenges is mustering the time and writing skills to produce them.

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