Client: Mobina

Case: Value proposition & web copy

Mobina is a start-up that aims to enable small to medium-sized manufacturing companies to secure a healthy economic future for themselves and their employees.

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downloadClient: Refitech

Case: Website upgrade

A lot of smaller to medium-sized businesses, especially in tech and manufacturing, are making the transition from product- to customer-oriented communication. Sometimes it involves a radical marketing and communication makeover, other times a revision of existing materials is a good start.

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iTech foto2 (Case 9, Dec 1 2017)

(Photo: Eric Brinkhorst/UT, 2017)

Client: UT

Case: iTech look book

For the launch of their new Master’s programme Interaction Technology, the University of Twente asked me to create an attractive booklet showcasing some ground-breaking student projects.

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(Photo:, 2017)

Client: Evalan

Case: Whitepaper

Whitepapers make great content marketing tools. Just ask Evalan, an Amsterdam-based (Industrial) Internet of Things ((I)IoT) specialist and one of the Netherlands’ top 100 tech companies.

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Client: CBI

Case: Success story

There’s hardly a better way to strengthen your brand than by sharing your successes, for example, in a written article. For CBI I am currently producing a series of 10 to 15 of these success stories.

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Peptan media

Client: Peptan

Case: Product-market brochures

Peptan is a rising star in the global nutraceuticals market. Their product: collagen peptides. In Asia, these are a household name, and in Europe, people are eager to tap into science-based health solutions but are not yet as familiar with this particular product.

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Client: Copywriter Collective

Case: Vision & Writing

Writing is fun to write about. So when a well-known copywriting blog offered to republish several of my articles, I was grateful for the opportunity to inspire others. And as wiser folk have said: the best way to learn is to teach.

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Case 4

Client: Century Europe

Case: Blog post

Blog posts are an excellent form of content marketing, keeping you in dialogue with your target group and affirming you as an expert in your field. One of the challenges is mustering the time and writing skills to produce them.

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Client: MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology

Case: Leading scientist interviews

In September 2016, I had the pleasure of interviewing several of the world’s leading nano scientists, including Prof. Wilfred van der Wiel, Prof.

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CBI annual case 2015

Client: CBI

Case: Annual Report 2015

At a time of information overload and ever decreasing concentration spans, annual reports may seem a necessary evil – unless you blend powerful storytelling with very concise copy. Which is what I did for Dutch government agency CBI in producing its 2015 2015 Annual Report.

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logo CBI kleiner

Client: CBI

Case: Market studies

What are the latest trends on the European fashion, footwear and jewellery markets? Why is sports footwear a major business opportunity?

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Universiteit Twente homepage

Client: University of Twente

Case: content update

Organisations that communicate a lot need to update their content once in a while. Between May and October of 2015 I did a major content update for the University of Twente, a client of MORE.

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Darling homepage 5

Client: Darling Ingredients

Case: rebranding

How do you share a consistent corporate story with fifteen or more different brands under your umbrella? faced this challenge in 2015 and roped me in as a copywriter to develop taglines, on- and offline copy, corporate presentations and a coherent vocabulary for this world player and its separate brands in the waste-to-value business.

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Client: CTA, 94GreenTV

Case: video concept & script

A nerve-racking ICT challenge for young potentials in the Caribbean. 94GreenTV was there to capture the finals of the first edition. My contribution: create a smooth concept and script.

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Basis CMYK

Client: FlowerWatch

Case: branding & identity

FlowerWatch is a global leader in monitoring and ensuring the quality and vase life of fresh-cut flowers. I helped director Jeroen Verhulst out with a branding concept that lives up to the high standard of expertise of his company and at the same time his leading role as a supply and cool chain partner in the world of flowers.

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Client: CTA, 94GreenTV

Case: video concept & script

For a video film by CTA covering a unique development project among the Saramaccan people of North Surinam, I wrote the concept, interview scripts and final script.

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CBI Annual Report 2013

Customer: CBI

Case: Annual Report 2013

Dry facts or inspiring storytelling? At CBI, they know what readers prefer. This hands-on agency of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which supports entrepreneurs in developing countries, asked me in February 2013 to come up with a theme, collect information and write the (English) copy for its Annual Report 2013.

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Customer: Vietis

Case: ‘A book of ideas’

Packaging specialist Vietis requested me in April 2014 to develop a glossy brochure for use at trade fairs,  featuring some of its bestselling cosmetics packaging solutions. In order to create an attractive ‘book of ideas’,  I used quotes on beuaty and personal freedom by celebrities such as Beyoncé and Yves Saint Laurent, and connected these to the products and possibilities offered by Vietis.

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