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Client: Century Europe

Case: Blog post

Blog posts are an excellent form of content marketing, keeping you in dialogue with your target group and affirming you as an expert in your field. One of the challenges is mustering the time and writing skills to produce them. Century Europe, a Netherlands-based specialist in electronic article surveillance, found a great solution: hire a copywriter.

Century Europe has regrouped itself in order to take on a leading role in European and global electronic article surveillance. As a part of that effort, the firm is producing strong content on its website. In February 2017, I was brought in by Century’s content marketing advisor, the Brandcast Company, to copy-write several new pieces, including this blog post with Regional Sales Director Ralf Feldermann. In my view, the trick to writing strong blog posts is to combine information that is new and useful to readers with an undertone of openness and expertise that will invite them to connect and potentially do business with you.