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(Photo: Evalan.com, 2017)

Client: Evalan

Case: Whitepaper

Whitepapers make great content marketing tools. Just ask Evalan, an Amsterdam-based (Industrial) Internet of Things ((I)IoT) specialist and one of the Netherlands’ top 100 tech companies. We developed a whitepaper on (IIoT) developments this summer. The aim: improve market visibility, establish authority as an expert and reach more customers.

Evalan is an exciting, growing tech company. The firm uses its broad and cutting-edge expertise to develop IoT solutions for industry, the medical sector, the military and other high-end markets.

One of the first outcomes of our discussions about their communication was an (I)IoT whitepaper, titled ‘How your company can start benefiting from the Internet of Things (IoT)’.

Smart machines will undoubtedly go mainstream in the coming years and reshape customer expectations, business models, markets and industries. The whitepaper outlines how you can prepare your organisation for smart machine implementation and what to look for in an (I)IoT partner. We explain what smart machines and IoT solutions are and what they can do. We outline the current status of this market and look at the risks and opportunities Evalan sees. We also highlight how many companies start using a smart solution (often simple, entry-level ones) to solve a specific problem, only to discover that the data their solution is generating opens the door for them to transition from troubleshooting to business model transformation.

Whitepaper benefits

  • Generate leads
  • Establishing expertise and goodwill
  • Build brand image
  • Help expand mailing lists

Part of the success of a whitepaper lies in how you structure it. I tend to write whitepapers modularly, with one-liner headings, standalone sections on sub-topics and quotable copy. This allows the customer to use the content in different shapes and sizes to connect with target audiences across all of its channels.

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