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Client: Mobina

Case: Value proposition & web copy

Mobina is a start-up that aims to enable small to medium-sized manufacturing companies to secure a healthy economic future for themselves and their employees. With the manufacturing industry changing rapidly and unpredictably, the Mobina team has found a way of fusing the knowledge and experience of seniors from the industry with the skills of smart, tech-savvy young professionals into a web application that can help manufacturers set out a futureproof course.

It took me a long time to figure out how to explain what I just explained – which is the why the Mobina team hired me: they had the same problem. Innovative business concepts are often difficult to communicate, the more so if, like Mobina’s, they’re versatile and involve advanced IT technology and a lot of different knowledge domains. Even the experts behind it can struggle to find the right words, or may have to use so many words that the story loses its punch in the telling. Mobina faced the same challenge. With a TV feature in a Dutch business show promising to give the company some great exposure in December 2017, the team recognized a need for sharpening up its website.

A few simple copywriting steps

Here’s roughly what we did:

  • Reformulated Mobina’s value proposition, bringing it down to five bullet points we believe will resonate with every manufacturer
  • Gave this proposition centre stage on the Mobina homepage
  • Restructured the website’s menu, making it simpler, more accessible, direct and customer-oriented
  • Wrote new copy for the new menu tabs designed to explain the complexities of the concept simply and briefly with a strong focus on user benefits
  • Added a distinct, human touch to the copy in order to provide a counterpoint to the impersonal techspeak that carries the concept (for an example of this, check the Vision text)
  • Produced all of the copy in English and Dutch

It took less than a week and, as you can see, just a few simple copywriting steps to lift the Mobina website to the next level.

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