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Client: Peptan

Case: Product-market brochures

Peptan is a rising star in the global nutraceuticals market. Their product: collagen peptides. In Asia, these are a household name, and in Europe, people are eager to tap into science-based health solutions but are not yet as familiar with this particular product. My challenge was to produce a series of brochures that spoke to both demographics.
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Peptan offers specialised nutrition solutions for manufacturers in several specific markets, like sports nutrition, skin beauty or musculoskeletal health. Targeting manufacturers in these markets, Peptan requested me to create a series of product-market brochures, converting academic documentation into attractive, readable text while maintaining a respectable scientific content level.
Peptan is not a new customer, by the way. In 2015, I developed a copy platform for the client and wrote most of the copy for their website. I do regular smaller copy writing and editing jobs as well, both for Peptan and its mother company Rousselot, a global leader in gelatine and collagen peptides. 

“Stephen’s vibrant and audience-engaging copywriting is one of the key elements helping us to tell a compelling Peptan story. Excellent work.”  – Pauline Huang, Peptan Product & Brand Manager