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Client: Refitech

Case: Website upgrade

A lot of smaller to medium-sized businesses, especially in tech and manufacturing, are making the transition from product- to customer-oriented communication. Sometimes it involves a radical marketing and communication makeover, other times a revision of existing materials is a good start. In 2016-17 I’ve helped Refitech, a Dutch specialist in carbon composites for industrial applications, revise their web content in English, Dutch and German.

Refitech is a small, hands-on engineering company, based in the Netherlands. They have plenty of in-house experience and specialize in composite components. As they look to grow and expand further into the North-West of Europe, it is important that they focus more on the benefits they offer customers rather than on the products themselves. Customer-oriented communication stops saying, ‘Look what we do!’, and instead starts saying, ‘We see what you’re doing, we understand your industry’s needs – and here’s how we gear our expertise to your needs.’

Of course, Internet exposure doesn’t end at a website with great content. So to stay on track, I’ve also helped issue new releases and analyse and realign Refitech’s social media activities. The message, always the same: our product matters, but customer benefits matter more.