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(Photo: Eric Brinkhorst/UT, 2017)

Client: UT

Case: iTech look book

For the launch of their new Master’s programme Interaction Technology, the University of Twente asked me to create an attractive booklet showcasing some ground-breaking student projects. The goal: help position the renewed MSc programme in the market and attract prospective students.

The UT, rated the Netherlands’ top technical university by Dutch rating institute Keuzegids Universiteiten 2018, began to campaign for the Interaction Technology Master’s, iTech for short, in 2017. The programme begins in 2018. My role in the campaign involved putting the vision of the iTech team into writing and developing on- and offline copy. The iTech booklet, essentially a look book presenting 12 cutting-edge Master’s projects that highlight the diversity, relevance and sheer fun of Interaction Technology, uses 12 student-project profiles to offer an attractive presentation of the programme and a broad introduction to its contents.

The challenge for me was, first, to understand the tech talk and convert it into accessible and inspiring copy, and, second, to meet a very tight deadline: I held 26 interviews with students, supervisors and other staff and wrote 13 articles in a single week. What made it easier was getting to see and learn about all the amazing things these students are doing. Truly inspirational and exciting stuff, from creating astonishing virtual experience and upgrading social robots to the development of thinking pallets, storytelling apps for kids and more.

The booklet was first presented during the UT’s Master’s Open Days in November 2017. It is also available online.