Creative concepts

  • Converting a strategy,  plan or  product into a creative concept
  • Corporate text, identity text
  • Vision & mission estatements, core values
  • Internal & external communication
  • In Dutch and/or native English
  • Based on customer input/interviews

Commercial copy

  • Text production (& graphic design by  network members)
  • Websites (concept & copy), brochures, folders, posters, flyers, leaflets
  • (E-)mailings, newsletters, advertisements, online banners

Interviews & articles

  • For websites, magazines,  trade journals, leaflets, labels, books and more


  • Biographies
  • Family or company histories
  • Anniversary books
  • Corporate story books


  • Concept development, scripting & production
  • Promotion films
  • Web films
  • Video interviews
  • Video profiles
  • Video resumés

Translation & editing

  • To translate means, first, to understand a message and convert it to another language, using ‘native’ knowledge of the culture of both source and target language
  • Editing (e.g. of annual reports, whitepapers and other documents & articles) can vary from rigorous renovation to taking a not quite satisfactory text and ‘polishing it to a shine’

 Advice, concepts & support

  • Setting up (e-)mailings & newsletters
  • Upgrading (annual) reports with themes and storytelling
  • Conceptualising, writing or editing an anniversary book
  • Arranging design work through network members
  • Advice on selecting the write medium for the message